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Conpute provides the resources and technology that support learning in today's classrooms. Our education team is focused on increasing the capacities of technology within schools, by providing reliable solutions and support that enhance student engagement, learning, and achievement.

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The trend of resource augmentation is occurring because of the increased number of supported devices, declining budgets, and the natural technical peaks and valleys that educational institutions experience. The advantage of Conpute's approach is that we leverage existing trained resources that can be utilized as contract workers managed by Conpute or internally managed by your staff. The engagement simply consists of evaluating your existing employees and then determining which additional skills are required and when.
The focus of Conpute's Resource Augmentation Program is to provide the technical expertise to our clients in a variety of areas from End User Support, New Deployments, Mobile Device Support, Networking, System Administration, Server Support and much more.
Conpute Advantages:
  • We utilize an existing pool of pre-screened, trained and certified technical resources.
  • We understand that technical knowledge is extremely important but a candidate's people skills and communication are just as important.
  • We provide cost-effective strategies that help our clients focus on their needs and goals rather than screening, vetting and management.
  • We have the ability to provide amazingly quick turnaround times with flexible multi-term contracts from one week to multiple years.

From working with School Boards for over the last 20 years, Conpute has an extensive understanding of the cyclical nature of service requests. Servicing our educational customers is our number one focus and top priority. Unlike other companies that claim to have been around for many years and offer a hassle free warranty, we are the pioneers of the "no questions asked" extended warranty offering to our educational customers. We have changed the rules and set the bar high relative to what is in place in the market today. We offer, indisputably, the best warranty, service and support in the industry.
Conpute's worry free extended warranty solution supports you with additional, school imaged, on-site replacement units before anything goes wrong. These units can be stored at your location or our warehouse and if a unit goes down, there is a back-up ready to take its place. Your downtime is literally as long as it takes to plug in the unit. Equipment covered under this warranty will be repaired or replaced with absolutely no questions asked. Accidental drop and spill is also available so no matter what the cause, we will honour the warranty.
Conpute Advantages:
  • We have the ability to underwrite your existing warranty coverage to extend the manufacturer's warranty coverage to cover items not typically included.
  • Ability to provide Accidental Damage coverage (drop and spill) for all Board staff laptops.
  • Dedicate a full-time in-house technical supervisor for the contract as required by the Board.
  • Cover standard peripherals added to the system for the length of the contract like memory, DVD's, keyboards, mice, headsets.

Conpute has deployed technology within major schools boards in Ontario for the last 20 years. These deployments have ranged from 1 device up to 15,000 devices. In every instance our unique process has allowed us to meet even the most aggressive deadlines to ensure that systems are in place and are operational when they are required. This process has been crafted with the assistance of the Boards technical teams to ensure it meets all required specifications. In addition our capabilities allow us to time the deliveries and installations so that they take in to consideration summer holidays, custodian work and school closures. This solution extends beyond physical devices to also include software, OS, peripheral and image based upgrades.
As an enhancement Conpute does not charge for any change requests associated to school not being prepared for the installation and deployment of systems. If a school is delayed, we are able to adapt on the fly to ensure that all deadlines hit. Even if this means visiting a single school multiple times.
Conpute Advantages:
  • Conpute provides all planning documentation to the board prior to a deployment so that we ensure all items are covered and the schedule is appropriate.
  • We respond with efficiency during the summer months, weekends and evenings to manage peak periods of the school year.
  • Including the imaging of all workstations and laptops, testing of devices and leaving units in place where specified by the Board staff.
  • Provide a dedicated Project Manager provided that has multiple years of experience working within the school boards.

Special education programs and services primarily consist of instruction and assessments that are different from those provided to the general student population. These may take the form of accommodations (such as specific teaching strategies, preferential seating, and assistive technology) and/or an educational program that is modified from the age-appropriate grade level expectations in a particular course or subject.
Conpute has over 10 years of experience providing certified training resources and support staff to School Boards that accommodate the unique challenges and opportunities that exist within the school classroom environment.
Conpute Advantages:
  • Provide certified special education training resources that will enable the children to develop the knowledge and skills they need in order to be successful.
  • Our resources that assist in the adaptation of curriculum, assignments and tests to accommodate students who present with a wide range of abilities.
  • Flexible agreements and scheduling with the understanding that the nature of a special education teaching role demands constant flexibility.
  • Adapt to the changing technology that is available in the marketplace.